Cornaro Fish Restaurant
The last Lusignan Queen Caterina Cornaro

She has left her mark on the island with the title Daughter of St. Martin, which means the daughter of Venice, until A.D. 1400 at Cyprus and died at an unknown monastery in Kyrenia (Girne) at A.D. 1507.

The Malpas Legend
The Lusignan Queen Caterina Cornaro was following the attacks, particularly which would be from the sea, and governing the soldiers from Buffawento Castle, a hill overlooking the entire Kyrenia (Girne).

The parts of the legend constitutes the whole

As a result of an attack from the sea, in addition to the soldiers, the dog of the Queen also gets injured. The dog disappears for some days and returns back to the castle a few days later. The Queen becomes happy seeing that her dog has recovered from the injury and orders her injured soldiers to follow the dog and they arrive to a river known as Fontana, where the wounds are recovered. And the Queen orders her men to build a small chapel right over the river, where today Malpas Hotel is located. This chapel is preserved with its original condition at the garden of Malpas Hotel. Reşat Altınör says, “We have owned the legend and enlivened a place with soul.”

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